Welcome to RamDam Didge and Guitar LLC. My name is Rob and I’m a life long amateur guitar player and more recently, a collector of the Australian Didgeridoo. RamDam was inspired by my love for these two instruments. On the guitar side of the house, our original intent was to offer unique, high quality guitars at an affordable price. What we found in the guitar industry however, was a less than admirable push to sell strings and shirts (to the tune of 30+K/year) and an unwillingness by the major companies to deal with an internet based business. Consequently, we started building our own. The advent of the Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) gave us the impetus. These three-stringed guitars are affordable, soundly unique, and an absolute blast to play. Check out our free on-line lessons for the CBG! As we only make a couple of guitars a month, please email if you are interested. Prices vary according to the components and woods used but generally run from $90-$160.

As for the didgeridoos, several years ago, I had the good fortune to visit Western Australia where I acquired my first didgeridoo – and it’s been an obsessive love affair ever since. I’ve had the immense good fortune to team up with three of Australia’s premier didge makers – Tynon Bradford Alaom of Heartland Didgeridoos; Adam “Crookedstixz” Henwood; and Earl Clements. Their handmade instruments are of the absolute finest quality and made with passion and professionalism garnered over many decades of dedication and experience. Each instrument possesses it’s own unique properties and is handcrafted with a love and appreciation for the heritage, traditions, and natural resources that define these remarkable instruments. It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce these amazing instruments to the Americas and Europe.

What is a didgeridoo? The didgeridoo is the oldest known wind instrument to man and originated in Northern Australia about 2000 years ago. Didges have been made from various woods over time — from bamboo to the eucalyptus tree. In the case of the latter wood, the branches are naturally hollowed out by termites. The craftsman selects the appropriate branch, cuts it to size to achieve a particular key and treats the wood to create an instrument that is both musically gifted as it is aesthetically pleasing. The sound fires the imagination and evokes a primal vibe akin to the magic of a warm fire in wilds.

Want to learn to play the didge? Easy day – visit our free lessons. In addition to basic didge techniques, we offer some ideas for the experienced guitar player who may want to combine didge with his or her guitar playing to take your live performances to a new level. Come in and enjoy!

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