This classic Beatle song came out in 1970 – an all time favourite of many Beatles fans. As it turns out, it can be played on your CBG in open G tuning. There is no slide for this song and it will require that the action on your CBG be low enough to play fretted notes. This song is a bit complicated but give it a try and if you run into any sticking points, drop me a line at

This tune works really well in the 3-string open G tuning (GDG). It uses a simple blues progression on the open, 5th and 7th frets. You can add flourishes on the 3rd and 12th frets. This tune can be played sole with a slide, or if your action is low enough, you can throw in… Continue Reading

This tune requires some fast fret work and is played without the side. This was the theme song played on the last episode of “Breaking Bad” but was actually released by Badfinger (produced by Todd Rundgren) in 1972. It has always been a fantastic song and gained a resurgence in popularity when it came out… Continue Reading