Thanks to the advent of the internet, there is a plethora of options available to musicians on the web. To get you started on your didge though, please visit our video lessons section where you will learn about the didge and basic techniques to get you started on your journey. We will also cover the infamous “circular breathing” as well as thoughts on how to combine the didge with guitar for those of you who would like to take your playing in a new direction. Come in and take a look!

The Didgeridoo

Intro to the Didgeridoo
Lesson 1: The Drone
Lesson 2: The Drone Continued
Lesson 3: The Bark
Lesson 4: Vocalizations and the Howl
Lesson 5: Vocals and the Tree Frog
Lesson 6: Vocals - a Wide Range
Lesson 7: Circular Breathing


Rhythms - Rhythm No 2 - Tukutee Tuwah

How to Put on a Wax Mouthpiece
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The Didgeridoo and Guitar

Lesson 1: DADGAD and Didge
Lesson 2: Guitar and Dropped D

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