Mouth pieces

Digeridoos use either wax mouth pieces made from bees wax or they just have the natural wood from the log. What’s the difference???

In general, a wax mouth piece is more comfortable for playing the didgeridoo and perhaps easier too as the player can make an air tight seal more easily. Moreover, the player can adjust the size of the mouth piece to better find that “sweet spot” for playing. On the other hand, wax mouth pieces require changing every 3-6 months and while easy to do, changing will always slightly alter the shape of the mouth piece.

The wood mouth piece never changes in size or shape and is therefore always predictable. Wood on the other hand, can become uncomfortable for extended playing sessions.

A good way to start is with a wax mouth piece. After you’ve mastered the basics of circular breathing, consider expanding your didge collection with an instrument that features a wood mouth piece.